Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Vagabonds of Stanislav Szukalski

I have just received from Amazon Behold !!! The Protong, by Stanislav Szukalski. I am deeply indebted to Greg Pass for introducing this uncanny character to me, and I exhort everyone to read the two Szukalski posts on Unurthed.
Skimming through the pages of this extraordinary document, a preternatural and even mixture of pure folly and colossally lucid insights, I feel strangely at home.
Here is a man who has intensity.
My attention is now to the back cover, where I learn that this fellow had founded a Club, the Vagabond Club, of kindred spirits.
The motto of the club was:
-All those who eagerly perceive the as-yet-unnamed are Vagabonds. -
Do I need to comment?


Greg Pass said...

It's a rare book where the act of skimming is enough to come home.

Polymathicus said...

Indeed, my friend, indeed.