Sunday, March 30, 2008

Musical Rambling VII: Patty Pravo's fabulous thought

In Musical Rambling V, I have paid my tribute to a marvellous female voice in contemporary italian pop music, Alice.

But my star is a double one: Alice and Patty Pravo. There is a celestial undertone in Alice, a scent of oriental enlightenments, but I am a man who aspires to be total, to reach out to the completeness of knowledge & experience available to mankind.

Therefore, could I forget the siren chant of Patty Pravo's velvety voice?

Listen to her in the now classic Pensiero Stupendo.

PS If you read italian, you''ll find the lyrics here.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I should learn English again. Maybe reading Tropic of Cancer...Ciao . Diana

Polymathicus said...

Well, it is definitely a good place to start... wait for the hardbound copy



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Anonymous said...

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