Sunday, March 30, 2008

Musical Rambling VII: Patty Pravo's fabulous thought

In Musical Rambling V, I have paid my tribute to a marvellous female voice in contemporary italian pop music, Alice.

But my star is a double one: Alice and Patty Pravo. There is a celestial undertone in Alice, a scent of oriental enlightenments, but I am a man who aspires to be total, to reach out to the completeness of knowledge & experience available to mankind.

Therefore, could I forget the siren chant of Patty Pravo's velvety voice?

Listen to her in the now classic Pensiero Stupendo.

PS If you read italian, you''ll find the lyrics here.

Poetry Readings III: A Wise Quatrain by Valduga

Thanks to a poetess friend I have discovered Patrizia Valduga, a true gem in contemporary italian poetry. Here is a short quatrain by Valduga, which I memorized as a remainder:

Tu mandali a dormire i tuoi pensieri,
devi ascoltare i sensi solamente;
sarà un combattimento di guerrieri:
combatterà il tuo corpo e non la mente

You send your thoughts to sleep
you must listen only to your senses;
it will be a fight of warriors:
the body will fight, not the mind.

(my translation. I refrained from the futile exercise of rendering the meter)
Yes Patrizia, the mind has fought already, way too long. It is the body now that must continue the fight. The body, and a brave heart.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Inner Female of Raymond Abellio

J'ai mis longtemps à comprendre que l'homme deux fois, la première fois de la mère, la seconde de la femme, s'affronte entre ces deux naissances à ce semblant d'énigme qu'est la féminité hors de lui alors que le seul mystère est la féminité en lui

It has taken me long time to understand that the man born twice, the first time from his mother, the second one from the woman, faces between these two births a seeming enigma, which is the femininity outside of him, whereas the only mystery is the femininity inside of him.

(translation is mine)

Raymond Abellio

Today is March 8th, International Day of Women. May the internal woman of the twice-born men finally join hands with the external woman they are bound to face. Then, and only then, the world will be a better place to live.