Saturday, May 3, 2008

On Fairies

I have been missing in action for a tad too much, time to come back...
In this post I want to make a public announcement:

I do believe in fairies.

To be sure, I believe in much, much more: elves, ogres, sorcerers, witches, angels, demons, and whatnot. My universe (and I say it with pride) is vast and inclusive.

Am I insane? Gullible? Ignorant? I would think not. Quite simply, I believe that there are many pairs of glasses through which you can stare at reality. One of these glasses makes you see the same world you and I used to live in when we were children.

Why not putting them on once again, from time to time? Try, you will not regret it.

PS There is an excellent blog on fairies, definitely worth visiting: Fairish.

PS2 Once you dig up that fabulous pair of glasses from your dusty chest of children toys, you will start spotting fairies amidst humans (they are rare, to be sure, so please do not get irritated if it will take you some time). So far I have positively identified two fairies. When you spot them, they are unmistakable. Trust me.


Migoto_Chou said...

How wonderful! Reading this post gave me chills! I'm sure there are fairies in my back yard; they love the tall grass and the honeysuckle!

Polymathicus said...

Thanks for visiting and for your nice words!

Please do come back: more posts on fairies soon.

PS And yes, I have no doubts there are fairies in your yard: they do like tall grass (these creatures tend to be rather secretive, you know)

andrew said...

I have the old Brian Froud book "Fairies" gathering dust on my shelf. I should loan it to you.

Polymathicus said...

Please do.Thanx.

PS You may want to keep it. Perhaps at some point in your life you may decide that fairies are not that improbable kind of beings, and, after all, one can CHOOSE to treat them as though they were real (and maybe they are, who knows?).

Sunflower said...

Polymathicus, what an endearing post. You made me nostalgic. I grew amidst volumes of fairy tales and I also used to keep three wishes ready (when I was a little girl) at all times because you never knew when you would meet a fairy.
I have been thinking of fairies again the past few weeks and it was quite enchanting to see your post on fair fairy fairies. :)

Polymathicus said...


glad to hear you liked my post!
You should keep your 3 wishes even now: there is a time when we must be matter-of-fact, pragmatists, etc., but there is another time when we should be ready for fairies.

Best Wishes


Sobre Todo Verdad said...

I would like to recommend for your reading pleasure:
"Stardust" by Neil Gaiman
(and the movie)
"God Save the Queen" by Mike Carey

I'm working on a series of ceramic art about figures in mythology, and now I intend to include one of more of the good folk in this work.

Thank you for the ideas.