Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A sentence by David Lindsay

A couple of years ago, after stumbling upon Colin Wilson' s pronouncement that " Voyage to Arcturus is the greatest novel of the XX Century", I rushed to read David Lindsay's masterpiece, and other works of this neglected master. Lindsay was also a philosopher of sort, and some of his aphorisms are truly sparkling. Here is one, which I shall use in my own autobiography:

The conditions for extreme mental suffering are these; a strong will, a tender heart, and a clear intellect.

A strong will, a tender heart, and a clear intellect. Three pieces, with the middle one loose.
A sure recipe for pain..


pendens proditor said...

I finished it (finally) six months ago. Excellent quote.

Hopefully this year I'll get to The Glass Bead Game.

Polymathicus said...

Glad to got the time to read it: although it is badly written, it contains a plethora of ideas, a cornucopia of suggestions, a feast for the brain. Yes, this quote is truly excellent, and it is almost my entire biography in a line...

PS Glass Bead Game will be a joy