Monday, December 24, 2007

Musical Rambling IV: Christmas with Torelli

Giuseppe Torelli is, with his contemporary Arcangelo Corelli, one of the creators (*) and chief exponents of the Concerto Grosso.

The Concerto Grosso is a form of baroque music where two groups, a smaller one known as the concertino, and a larger one, colorfully named ripieno (i.e. filled), play together a musical ping-pong of sorts that fuses into a stately harmonious whole.

I love the Concerto Grosso: it is full of great pathos that never decays into sentimentalism. You can clearly feel that each story in the Seicento was still a destiny...

Please enjoy Torelli's Christmas Concert Opus 8 Number 6, skillfully played by the Solistes de Versailles.

Merry Christmas everybody!

(*) actually, some attribute the paternity of this form to Stradella, but the first printed Concerto Grosso is, as far as I know, one by Corelli.

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