Saturday, August 11, 2007

The great mantra of Guy Kawasaki

The great mantra of Guy Kawasaki is: Make Mantra. Last year, after creating my own start-up company, I began reading haphazardly and voraciously about entrepreneurship, till I found Guy' s remarkable little book: The Art of the Start. There are plenty of goodies therein, but to me the most sublime is the foregoing mantra. Why? Well, quite simply, because it is true.

Mantras are, literally, tools for the mind (from the sanskrit roots man-mind, and tra-tool), words, syllables, incantations, short sentences, that bring the mind to focus. Mantras are, chief and foremost, words of power, that should be repeated frequently, either loudly or silently. As words of power, they capture the soul of a thing.

When you start something new, always ask yourself (and be honest): does it have a mantra? If yes, you are half-way through: the mantra will gently lead you. If not, stop: there is no soul there yet.

I shall conclude this posting with my own all-purpose, ultra-powerful mantra:

-Find The Mantra First-

PS After reading the -Make mantra- lines, I have decided to temporarily freeze my company and forget about grants, angels, contracts, etc. Instead, I have bought a comfortable cushion, sat still in mokuso, and meditated to find the missing mantra. I think it has been a wise decision: stay tuned, world.

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